YOUTime Beauty All-in-One Blackhead Remover and Pore Cleanser Tool Kit with Facial Vacuum

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This is what you do not know, our product is more than just a blackhead remover kit. It a:

Pore cleanser, Dead skin remover, non-chemical exfoliate and more...

YOUTime Beauty All-in-One Blackhead Remover and Pore Cleanser Tool Kit - the best, YES, the best at home beauty kit for:

Reducing pores size

Removing blackheads, makeup and dirt

Treating acne and whitehead 

The 3 different suction power of the vacuum is able to remove debris from pores and improve radiance of the skin. Above all the tool kit keeps your skin smooth and radiant. How it should always be!


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The Pore vacuum 

  • 5 different vacuum heads
  • 3 different levels of suction
  • 2 different colours: white and rose gold
  • Portable and long standing time with USB charging cable 

Free Blackhead tool kit for every Pore vacuum purchased

  • 4 piece tool kit

Professional Tips

  • Use on clean, dry skin.
  • For better results steam your face with a warm shower or a warm towel to loosen the sebum in your pores. 
  • Limit use to 2-3 times a week to avoid inflammation.
  • Wash your face after use.
  • Avoid using retinol on the days you use the pore vacuum because this makes your skin more sensitive and susceptible to trauma. 

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Do blackhead vacuums really work? 
    Answer) Yes, they can be effective devices in helping to regularly clear pores.

2. How often should you use a pore vacuum?
    Answer) It is recommended that you use pore cleansers around two or three times a week. Any more than this can cause inflammation. 

3. Do pore vacuums leave scars? 
    Answer) There is a risk of this if the suction level is too high for your skin to handle and when used incorrectly. To prevent this, it recommended to use the lowest suction until you are comfortable and capable of using the device correctly. Do not use on the entire face; only on the areas that feel or look congested.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Dami A.
Good suction

Bought this product primarily because it has both a vacuum and the tools. Both set of items are pretty good. The suction power is also pretty good, for me anyways (my skin is quiet tough). I would presume the lowest suction would be good for more sensitive skin because it did nothing for mine.

Joseph J.
Just convenient

I just wanted to take out a couple black spots that kept appearing everywhere and I did. Love the variety of tools. Hopefully as this brand grows it will fix the long delivery times but nonetheless I love seeing small businesses grow. Many thanks

Julie D.
It worked

The vacuum device is good. Really love the comedon tools. I think its a great bundle. Special props for the instruction video they sent through email

Works well, be prepared to be mortified by the oily deposits.

An interesting product which I purchased just to see what it was like.. turns out it works in a good yet also horrifying way.
Of all the nozzles the smallest/thinnest one (i.e. most suction) was the one that worked, the rest were kinda effective.
You need to exfoliate before use (or open up your pores in another way.. steaming etc) you then run the device on full suction across your face. Note- you need to drag it across your face, the movement of the nozzle across your face picks up any oily 'stuff' just holding it on an area won't work.
Once you've dragged the nozzle over your face, you'll see that it's worked based on the rather horrifying amount of oily 'stuff' stuck on the inside of the nozzle.
The one comfort is that at least that oily 'stuff' is no longer all over your face.
The product is charged using the standard universal charger (i.e. that every mobile phone except Apple devices use) and comes with a cable and plug (although you can use any old cable).

First time use? Please read

First time using this type of product, it's defiantly effective interns of removing dead skin/blackheads/And surface oils on the face.
However, the suction is very strong and caution should be used for the first time. They do state in the instructions to only use for a few seconds each patch of the face, but I'd recommend just one quick sweep of the face, no more than 1 second contact. Until you are comfortable with the settings.