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These YOUTime Acne patches work on acne, pimples and spots. Placing these transparent dots over your skin will absorb excess fluid such as oil and pus. They are able to flatten your pimples faster and reduce skin redness. These patches are formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil and 0.1mm Belgium Hydrocolloid. 

  • 24 transparent dot, allows yours natural appearance to be maintain at anytime.
  • Made of waterproof and breathable hydrophilic colloid. 
  • Prevents acne marks and perfect for fast healing. 


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 Professional tips

  • Apply patches to a clean, dry face.
  • Do not leave on for more than 12 hours. 

Customer Reviews

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Honest review after using the product for some time

After using this product for some time now I have mixed feelings about this product.

Lets start with the packaging. The dots came in a sealed packaging which I think protects them well and also ensure the the hygiene of the product.

Use: I was a bit sceptical towards the product as I didn’t understand how exactly it works. The first time I used the dots I followed the instructions and had some difficulties. I noticed that after you peal the dot and the edges stick to your finger, upon placing the dot on the spot, the dot does not stick well. I had to use another dot and decided to rip half of the plastic on which the dots are placed and then put it on the desired area and after a bit of struggle I got the dot where I wanted it to be. Left it overnight and in the morning about 90% of the dot was white. I pealed it off my skin (which was easy and not painful at all). I noticed that the area was less inflamed and not irritated.

- the dots work well with the painful spots and make them less painful and irritated.
- prevents the appearance of white heads or makes them heal quicker without developing to that stage.
- because you do not have to pop spots, I think they prevent the spread of spots as well.

- it might take some time and dots to get used to placing them properly in whichever ways you find works for you.

Joanne T.
Game changer

I have acne prone skin, I’ve finished treatment (accutane / Isotretinoin) but still get the odd spot, these are game changing. Hardly noticeable, covers instantly and reduces spots so quickly! Protects them, keeps bacteria out, and overall very convenient. Can’t be without them!!


Taken aback by how discreet these are; they are almost invisible once applied to the skin! Have used 2 so far and definitely saw a reduction in the time it took the spots to clear. I'm guilty of touching my face a lot which is terrible for spots so these have been great for providing a bacteria barrier! Cute packaging, fast delivery and value for money as you get loads. Will continue to use and would absolutely recommend.

Sarah Hart
Love it

Bought these for my teenage daughter. I liked that whilst treating her spots she wasn’t putting any nasty chemicals on her young skin, or picking at them. She thinks they're great, you can hardly see them when they are on and they genuinely help reduce the spot. Thank you YOUTime Beauty.

elaine pearson
Perfect for Hormonal/Combo/Oily Skin - Skincare Holy Grail

I have hormonal breakouts regularly and naturally oily-to-combo skin type. I had heard of dots for spots and just assumed such a 'miracle' product would have a high price tag. How wrong was I! Under £10 and they genuinely work. I've used these on under the skin spots, white heads, ingrown hairs, acne scarring, standard pimples, spots that your shouldn't squeeze/extract and spots that have seemed to linger without coming to a head. Every single one of them has been improved or vanished, either overnight or between 4-6 hours. I now do not pick/squeeze/touch any pimple or blemish, I just follow my normal skincare routine and apply one of my dots of spots onto cleansed skin making sure I use my tweezers to apply as to not get my hands in the way.